Workplace Strategy

Which generation do you fit into? Boomer, Generation X or Z, Millennial… They all have their differences and ways in which they want to live and work. With the onset of Hybrid Working, the balance is changing, as the workplace becomes more of a destination than an obligation.  The advantages of addressing this issue now is that not all companies can see the reasons for changing their working environment, but those that can are reaping the benefits of reducing their occupational space, increasing retention and recruiting the top talent whilst at the same time boosting their ESG commitments.

We have the experience to help clients lead the way in this mini revolution which started in the TMT and creative sectors and is now being seen in the professional sector with may high profile accountants and solicitors leading the way, such as PWC and Osborne Clarke.

The modern way of working includes collaborative and agile working, hot desking, activity based working providing an efficient workplace to drive the business forward.  When incorporating the desire for flexible work patterns, and commitment to ESG and carbon neutral policies the office has become a significant tool to be used to gain maximum productivity and advantage over the completion.

We estimate that in property costs alone if you took space within the last 5 years at a ratio of 1:100 sq ft net per person, we can prove to you that we can save you up to 20% deduction in property costs alone.  This is aside from the savings to be made on recruitment and retention and lower absenteeism due to increased well being.

Our services include:

  • Survey and analysis of existing work space
  • Reconfiguration or relocation options
  • Sub-letting opportunities
  • Profit rent possibilities
  • Costs reductions
  • Increased well being, retention and talent recruitment
  • Enhancing flexibility both physically and contractually
  • Improved Social, Environment and Governance criteria